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Midstrom Ridge sets you on the path to earning a degree with higher global acceptance from the best destinations in the world. We’re a full service overseas education consultancy firm which means we’ve got you covered on all international study needs.

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With more than ten years of experience and expertise in overseas education consultancy, we have an impressive track record of successfully helping a great number of students study courses in various Universities across the globe.


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Full service overseas education consultancy

In a dynamic and global work environment, the boundaries and walls between countries, businesses and people are disappearing.

Getting new skills and integrating into new places and cultures are important. We are here to serve and we will go all the way to make sure you get more than you bargain.

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Student Advisory

We consider your unique circumstances to make sure you get the best advice on course of study and study destination

Admission Processing

We process your application to your institution of choice. We work towards a quick turnaround admission period of 5- 10 days.

Visa Processing

We spare you the ambiguity and waste of precious time by ensuring your visa application is top quality with the best chance of approval.

Accommodation Service

We believe a right accommodation helps you settle in well for your studies. We help you secure a decent accommodation at a good price.

Pre Depature Briefing

A new environment can be confusing. We prepare you on how to find your way around and settle in quickly so you can hit the ground running.

Tours & Summer School

Get new skills or learn about new places and cultures. Our partners across the globe are eager to receive students from Nigeria next summer.

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Felix Awosope

MSc. Project Management

University of Northampton, United Kingdom
(with work placement)

I had doubts about getting help for my study abroad travel plan initially but a family friend introduced me to Midstrom Ridge overseas education consultant and I was not disappointed at all.

Oluwaseyi Kolawole

M.Sc. Professional Nursing

University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

I cannot but appreciate Midstrom Ridge for all their efforts from getting an admission with 10years study gap to the CAS processing to the Visa processing, it was an amazing journey with them not forgetting that I am yet to meet any of the staff physically all was done virtually.

David Afolabi

MSc. Computing (Software Engineering)

University of Northampton

I started everything like a joke but they were there for me whenever I needed information, from my admission process and through my visa application including my trip to the UK. My admission process was really a smooth one. No other agency does it better than Midstrom Ridge.

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Frequently asked questions

To get an admission, an application has to be made after meeting the admission requirement for the University of your choice

You will provide us with the required information and upload your documents. This information and documents will be assessed by the University, and an offer or admission letter sent to you if you meet the requirement.

Yes you can, depending on your study destination.

Countries like the United Kingdom, Ireland, USA Canada and Australia allows students to work up to 20 hours a week during school session and 40 hours a week during holidays.

You will need to meet the course requirement which includes assessment of your past studies and qualification.

Apart from the course or school specific requirements, generally, you would need the following documents for your admission;

For Masters Degree:

  • B.Sc. Certificate
  • B.Sc. Transcript
  • CV / Resume
  • Personal Statement
  • O'level result
  • International Passport data page
  • 2 reference letters (1 work, 1 academic)
  • English test result (for few selected programes)

For B.Sc / Foundation:

  • O'level result / certificate
  • CV / Resume
  • Personal Statement
  • English test (if required)
  • International Passport data page.

For PHD:

  • M.Sc. Certificate
  • M.Sc. Transcript
  • B.Sc. Certificate
  • B.Sc. Transcript
  • Research Proposal
  • CV
  • International Passport data page.
  • 2 Reference Letters (Academic and Work)

Please note that this requirements are subject to school or country specific requirements.

Tuition fees vary based on Course, University, and Country.

Science and Engineering courses are higher in tuition fees than business and Art based courses. This is understandable when you consider Laboratory equipments and facilities required to teach such courses.

Countries Like Canada and US are usually more expensive due to the duration of courses. It will take you 4 years to complete a bachelor's degree and 2 years to complete a Master's degree compared to the United Kingdom which requires 3 years for Bachelor's and 1 year for Master's degree respectively.

Also note that highly rated Universities are very competitive and attract premium tuition fees. Generally, the average tuition fees are as follows

  • United Kingdom - £10,000 to £18,000 Per Annum
  • United States - $15,000 to $25,000 per annum
  • Ireland - €10,000 to €17,000 per annum
  • Canada - $15,000 to $20,000 (CAD USD) per annum.

For more specific tuition fees, you can ask us directly, we would be happy to answer your queries.

Cost of accomodation, irrespective of country is dependent on your choice of comfort and Location.

For instance, If your school of choice is located within a major city like London or Washington DC, you can expect prices of accomodation to be high and reflective of that premium location. If you are taking an on campus accomodation or a private accomodation, it will also have a bearing on cost.

Similarly, your choice in terms of number of rooms, size of room, shared facilities, and services availaible will determine the amount you will pay for accomodation.

In the United Kingdom, a single ensuite room can cost you £80 to £150 per week.

You will have to choose what best suits you according to your budget.

Questions not listed above? Send us a message and we'll get back to you